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Vignettes: Add some artwork

Artwork changes rooms.  It’s also a great way to bring color into your vignettes.   You can go from contemporary to eccentric, and from vintage to rustic with just the swap of a few key pieces.


Interiors: Moulding & Paneling

It’s all in the details with trimwork.  Moulding, paneling, wainscoting, and wall framing details can visually alter the architecture of a room without having to tear down walls.    After WWII, builders were forced to build faster to meet housing demands and the result was reducing the amount of trimwork in a house to the bare minimum.  Unfortunately this still holds true today, so unless youre’ lucky enough to dwell in a pre-1940’s or custom home, trimwork is a sought-after custom addition to any residence.

Wall frame and picture frame moulding adds a little glamour to the wall space – and depending on the shape of each frame, you can create the illusion of higher ceilings or longer walls.  Then, you can insert sconces, mirrors, and artwork to create symmetry and focal points within the room.




Box paneling can add depth to a room or hallway


Images via: Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House & Home, Tracery Interiors

Interiors: Charming wallpaper

Wallpaper can add texture & design to a room that otherwise might feel dim and uninspired.  You can achieve dramatic impact by covering just one wall, or even a partial wall. If the plunge is scary – start out with a closet, laundry room, or bookcase lining.

Some tips: Minimize the surrounding decor; bringing in competing furniture or rugs will just muddle the wall space and look over-designed.  Chose designs that don’t incorporate too much color, stick to 1-4 colors per print.  Trim work is a great way to break up the wall space. Textured wall coverings are superb for spaces that aren’t exposed to much natural light.  To offset floral prints, use clean lines in your furnishings.  On the contrary, to offset geometric and linear prints use more feminine and soft pieces.

I am personally fond of the wallpaper collections at:

 Farrow & Ball | Schumacher | Cole & Son | Graham & Brown

| Farrow & Ball takes a unique approach when crafting their wall coverings.  Instead of using ink, they use their own custom paints to give unique texture and color to each print |


 | F. Schumacher & Co has been creating wall coverings since 1938, still privately held and family owned they offer distinct collections with a wide range of styles |


| Cole & Son, based in London, are known for their historic designs.  Their wallpaper lines the walls of Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament |



| Graham & Brown, based in the UK, has launched several locations worldwide.  They aim to be the leading experts in providing decorative wall solutions for people’s homes, at an affordable price |


Interiors: Patterned hardwood

Hardwood floors can elevate the sophistication of a room and set the tone for furniture selections and color schemes.  Once the type of wood is chosen, there are several options with how you decide to pattern the floor to make it unique in your space.

{ large horizontal distressed wood planks via Terkultura }


{ sleek walnut herringbone kitchen via MFAMB }


{ chic thin white herringbone wood via Light Locations }

Note: white colored oak wood can look outdated and country if you don’t style the room correctly – the grey trim, antique bench, and chandelier compliment the floor perfectly.


{ classic European herringbone used on an entire floor via Dust Jacket }


{ ultra thin wood planks to achieve a contemporary look via Millenion Design }


Global Inspiration: Spain

Spanish architecture has inspired some of the most beautiful designs.  Realistically, we all can’t live in haciendas – but we can add Spanish  components to our homes by incorporating the following:  tiling detail, terracotta, arched door ways, exposed wood beams, and wrought iron light fixtures.  Then, consider using colors like: rich chocolate browns, dark blues, ivory, marigold, coral, and brassy tones.


 { stairway and door tile detail via Lonny }


{ bathroom tile print added to a black & white bathroom via HouseNerd }


{ blue & white kitchen backsplash via HouseBeautiful }


{ lighting & exposed wood beams via Mark Cutler Design }


{ entryway detail showcasing oversized archway & exposed wood }


{ wood beams with a modern twist via Los Cositas }


 { knobs from anthropologie found here and here }


{ ornate dresser & styling by Schuyler Samperton }


  { archway window detail via Houzz}


Etsy finds: Vignette ideas

Aristotle eloquently said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

A well-styled vignette encompasses a small gathering of individual pieces, all beautiful in their own way, coming together to form a scene to give warmth and personality in a space.

For now, I’ll give some ideas of individual pieces that make up a well-styled vignette.  No need to splurge in this department, you’d be surprised at the inventory in thrift stores, etsy,  and craigslist.  Here are a few items from various etsy shops (links to each shop below) that can be inter-changable for various vignettes:












{ links to shops from top to bottom }

copper hanging planter at WhiteDogVintage
pottery planter at WhiteDogVintage
driftwood table lamp at DutchDilight
eco friendly book ends at HammerItOut
vintage magnifying glass at IndiaCraftsOnline
milk glass dish at TatterandFray
vintage crystal & brass lamps at 5gardenias
peach sorbet bowls at DamsonAndWhite
antique brass candle holder at DamsonAndWhite
mid century oval mirror at DaveysVintage
porcelain vase at TheArleGallery
deer antler candle holder at NoCarnationsHome
antique brass paper weight at Adlerstein
vintage alarm clock at Singulars


 { add florals & greenery to bring color and texture to the vignette }


Interiors: Mixing Prints

I am not sure if mixing prints was introduced first to fashion and then to home decor, or vice versa. It’s a bold move in either medium – though more risky in home furnishings. When done correctly in the home it can look fresh, original, and very welcoming.

Kit Kemp is the designer behind some of Firmdale’s boutique London hotels like The Soho Hotel and the Covent Garden Hotel.  Kemp is impeccable at mixing prints.  Her use of color modernizes the antique inspired rooms she designs. Being self-taught, she believes there are no rules in design – trusting instincts and taking risks have been paramount in her success.

 { Some of Kemp’s beautiful work }


You can buy Kit Kemp’s book here

 { Diane Von Furstenburg’s interpretation of mixing prints on the runway }

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